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Wnt signaling

The Wnt signaling pathway controls cell proliferation and body patterning throughout development.

Several cytoplasmic Wnt regulators (β-catenin, Bcl-9/Lgs, APC, Axin) also appear transiently in the nucleus. At intercellular adherens junctions, β-catenin is an integral component of E-cadherin complexes. β-Catenin also recruits chromatin remodeling complexes, promoting transcription in the nucleus. The APC tumor suppressor is a component of the cytoplasmic β- catenin destruction complex, but counteracts β-catenin transactivation and histone H3K4 methylation at Wnt target genes. APC also coordinates the cyclic exchange of Wnt coregulator complexes at the DNA. These opposing roles of APC and β-catenin permit a rapid coordination of gene expression and cytoskeletal organization throughout the cell in response to signaling.[p]


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